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Sell your property with Fides Home

Our team of professionals will provide you with all the information and assistance necessary to ensure a pleasant and hassle-free experience in the complex process of selling your property.

We conduct a precise evaluation to formulate a pricing strategy that maximizes the selling value.

We use professional photographs and videos, virtual tours, detailed floor plans, and descriptions that highlight both the physical features of the space and the emotional aspects, all in multiple languages! All of this to capture the attention of buyers and outshine other properties for sale.

We believe that every property has a unique buyer. That's why:

We design an individual, ad-hoc strategy tailored to each one.

We use various tools to present each property in the most suitable way to its potential customer.

We have statistics that indicate the behavior of all our properties for sale within the real estate market, which helps us choose the most effective route to the sale.

Wide dissemination of your property across all available channels.

Prominent positioning above individuals and other real estate agencies.

We not only list your property on the leading national and international real estate portals but also on our website and social media.

With all of this, we ensure that those looking for a property like yours find it without any doubt.

Nowadays, we can sell your property without the need to use internet portals.

We advertise on social media, ensuring your home is seen by those who are already searching for a property like yours.

Photographs are the first filter a buyer applies; there's only one chance for a first impression.

  • Meticulously crafted photographic report
  • Specialized report on spaces, architecture, and interior design
  • We select the best photographs to present the property to buyers.

The 360° virtual tour is a very useful tool due to these factors:

  • Buyers can walk through both the interior and exterior as if they were there.
  • We ensure that buyers are genuinely interested.
  • Sometimes, the purchase of the property is made without a prior in-person visit.

  • We advise you on the complex legal and tax aspects involved in the sale of a property.
  • We assist you in obtaining licenses, fees, taxes, and other administrative procedures.

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