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  • We provide a professional and free valuation of your property.
  • We advertise with more and better information to make your property stand out.
  • We maximize the exposure of your property using all available channels.
  • We inform all potential buyers or tenants in our database about your property.
  • We collaborate with leading vacation rental companies and other real estate agencies.
  • We provide an immediate response to all requests for information or visits.
  • We handle all the paperwork and necessary procedures for the sale or holiday rental of your property.
  • We maintain clear, up-to-date information available instantly.
  • We accompany you throughout the process with professionalism, clarity, and trust.


Personal details of each seller (if there is more than one): Name, ID, Nationality, Address, Marital Status, Occupation.

Property identification details: Deed, Land Registry excerpt, Last property tax receipt (council tax), Energy Efficiency Certificate, Certificate of compliance with municipal payments, Certificate of compliance with community payments (if applicable), Electricity bill, and Water bill.

Energy Efficiency Certificate, Deed, Municipal Capital Gains Tax, and Real Estate Agent Fees.

Property Transfer Tax, Proportional share of property tax, Deed, Registration, Administrative fees, and Real Estate Agent Fees.

Deed, property tax receipt, water bill, and property floor plans.

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